Just Like Nancy - DM3

Label:Phantom Records - CD
Hellfire Club Records - 7 Inch
Tracks:Just Like Nancy
How Ya Feeliní
Never Be Friends (Live)
Foolish (Live)
1 Times, 2 Times Devastated (Live)
Now You Know (Live)

Rating: 5/5

When listening to Just Like Nancy, DM3ís final ever single, the first thing that comes to mind is pure class. Over the last two decades Dom Mariani has spent his time trying to write the perfect pop song and Just Like Nancy rates up there as one of his finest moments. Written as a tribute to girls in go-go boots, Just Like Nancy also finds Dom bringing the fun back to DM3ís sound.

Reduced to a two-piece at the time of recording (with Dom having to play bass himself) most bands would have just given up the game at this point. Not DM3. With Superscopeís Kevin Borrusso roped in provide additional guitar and Velo Zupanovich providing some all-too-cool handclaps, Just Like Nancy is a fitting epitaph to one of the 90ís finest power pop bands.

The other new song, How Ya Feeliní is just as good, perhaps even better with itís slightly neo-psychedelic feel, Domís trademark crunching guitar and Marina Spadacciniís great backing vocals. Dom Mariani has always had a special way with words and How Ya Feeliní is no exception, as the opening lines;

At making friends and conversion Iíve never been that good Iím trying to crack that combination To unlock those words I just wanna know how your feeliní...

perfectly sum up how hard it sometimes can be to let your feelings known to someone youíve fallen in love with.

The CD also comes with four bonus live songs recorded in 1994 at the world famous Roskilde festival in Denmark when DM3 were touring Europe for the first time. Itís worth buying this CD just to be able to hear live versions of such classics as Foolish, One Times, Two Times Devastated and Now You Know, all of which highlight just how good DM3 were live. Note that the 7 Inch replaces the live tracks with two previously available instrumentals; the farfisa driven Rome and the lovely Oriana.

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